Why You Need a Pond on Your Homestead

Building a pond is immensely useful and beneficial for the homestead or garden. While there are a few points to consider, such as cost and labor, there is so much that a healthy pond brings to the table.


A Habitat for Wildlife


Providing your local pond-dwelling creatures with clean water for a home environment and breeding site is a great way to positively impact your region’s ecosystem. The following pond components are especially beneficial to animals:

  • A shallow portion for bathing/wading birds and migrating amphibians.
  • Native plants, which provide shade, food and cover for diverse pond life.
  • Large rocks, branches, or other materials along the pond’s edge for cover for small animals.


Potential for Aquatic Permaculture


Even a small pond can be incredibly useful when practicing aquaculture. Many edible plants can be grown in backyard ponds. Check your local gardening resource to see which varieties are best suited for your region. Some edible aquatic plants include:


  • Wapato – food for people and livestock, beneficial insect attractor
  • Wild Rice – food for people and livestock
  • Cattail – food, materials for crafts, water filtration, cover for small/young fish
  • Lotus- food for people, cover for fish, beneficial insect attractor
  • Pond Lily – food for people and livestock, cover for fish, beneficial insect attractor


Water Storage Preparedness


Among the many utilitarian benefits, a pond can act as your own personal reservoir in case of an emergency. With a good, powerful water filter, you can have complete peace of mind that you’ll never lack safe, clean drinking water.


Education and Recreation


Nothing adds to the visual appeal of a yard or garden like the idyllic view of a pond. If planned thoughtfully, the construction of a small pond can even be a solution for soggy spots or rain runoff in the backyard. With a couple of comfortable lawn chairs or a picnic table, it becomes a favorite gathering place. If you have children, a pond becomes an outdoor classroom with limitless hands-on learning opportunities about biology and ecology. The magic of watching water insects or tadpoles grow and transform beats a science textbook any day!


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