Top Five Reasons to Homestead (Wherever You Are)

“Homesteading” typically means living on a homestead, raising animals and growing your own food, and being independent and self-sufficient. As the global economy seems to teter on the brink of total collapse, modern life becomes more and more reliant on large-scale grids subject to fail, and urban environments are becoming increasingly dangerous, more and more people are becoming drawn to the idea of homesteading.

Now, as we’ve often discussed, you don’t need to own your own land to homestead. There are many ways you can homestead right where you are. And here are the top five reasons why you should be doing it:

1. Stability 

The more you learn to do yourself, the more you can rely on. You never know when our grid might be shut down by a terrorist attack or natural disaster, so as you learn to find ways to be more independent and self-reliant, you’ll have more factors in your life that you can control.

2. Health

Buying local, growing your own, avoiding pesticides and GMO, are all ways you can be  more energy independent and move away from reliance on large agribusiness corporations, but they’re also all way healthier for you.

3. Spirituality 

Whatever your belief system, learning to do things yourself is incredibly rewarding spiritually and philosophically. Taking the time to slow down, take inventory of everything material in your life, and radically change your relationship with it, is great for mental peace and clarity.

4. Security 

A big way in which you can secure your homestead lifestyle is to be more secure as well. Owning your own weapons and learning to use them, both to hunt and to defend your loved ones, is, in essence, a prime example of self-sufficient. Why outsource the protection of your loved ones to the police?

5. Freedom

With great power comes great responsibility, but taking responsibility for yourself and your resources also comes with great power. The more independent and self-reliant you are able to become, the more free you will become. Freedom is what makes our country great, and as long as we have the power to live in peace and make our own way in the world, we should make a point to work hard towards independence and self-reliance.


Homesteading is not just a lifestyle, it is a statement you make in a changing world to stick to what works, to rely on yourself more than anyone else, and to make your own rules for how you will live your life.

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