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Realistic First-Year Homesteading Goals

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If you are just starting out homesteading, planning for someday homestead, or trying your hand at urban homesteading, it’s it important to understand what is realistic to accomplish in your first year. Setting goals is a great way to plan for the long-term and motivate yourself towards completing a task, and knowing what’s possible in ….  Read More

Tips for Homesteading With Small Children

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Homesteading with babies or toddlers can certainly seem intimidating, especially if you are off-grid in any way. Having babies and toddlers is intense enough in a house in the suburbs with running water and electricity; throw limited or no electricity and low-tech plumbing and that’s definitely many parent’s nightmares. While homesteading with small children can ….  Read More

Homesteading Myths-Busted! (Video)

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Homesteading is hard work and takes experience, know-how, and sensibility. Homesteading has gotten very romanticized as of late, and a lot of people are diving in head-first with a lot of preconceived notions and misconceptions about homesteading. This is a great little video busting some of the common homesteading myths and explaining the reality of ….  Read More